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    Passivation problem in JBoss3.2.2RC4

    danielchai Newbie

      I am new in Jboss and EJB. Now I meet problem and hope someone can help me.

      The version of JBoss I use is JBoss3.2.2RC4,and I want to test the passivation and activation of stateful session bean.

      First, I want to limit the size of instance pool to 2, so I copy the conf/standardjboss.xml to deploy/jboss-service.xml and make the following changes:

      <container-name>Standard Stateful SessionBean</container-name>

      Then, I write a stateful session bean. In the client code, I create 3 beans, but in the console window I can not see the ejbpassivate() is called?

      Can anybody tell me what is the problem?

      Thanks first!

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