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    Why Does My EAR File Not Loading?

    dumber168 Newbie

      I need your opinion folks.

      I have a EAR file which used to be loading when deployed (using
      JBOSS 322). It runs okay.

      Lately, I had a XXX MBean service deployed where my EAR file
      would suppose to interface with. But as my JBOSS runs, it would
      load some JBoss sevices AND then the XXX MBEAN service (sar
      file) and I would see that it would stop there. All other JBoss
      services (jmx-console, etc.) and my EAR file will no long be
      loaded by JBoss, as if it does not see any loadable services and
      EAR files at all.

      I also tried to remove and copy my EAR file to the deploy folder
      but it seems that JBoss knows nothing about it.

      Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you!