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    findByPks (java.util.Collection pks)?

    Luiz-Otavio Zorzella Newbie


      one feature that would be extremelly useful would be to be able to have a finder method that returns a Collection, with a WHERE clause that accepts an indefinite number of PKs. Something that would allow me to do something like:

      List pks = new Vector ();
      pks.add ("1");
      pks.add ("2");
      Collection c = myHome.findByPks (pks);

      I believe there is already, internally, a method in JBoss that does just that. See:

      2003-12-10 10:29:18,852 DEBUG [org.jboss.ejb.plugins.cmp.jdbc.JDBCLoadEntityCommand.MyBean] Executing SQL: SELECT id,name FROM MyBeans WHERE (id=?) OR (id=?) OR (id=?) OR (id=?) OR (id=?)

      Note: the number of "OR"s is variable, and depends on the number of elements in the MyBeans table, limited by the configured cache size.

      Exposing that as a standard "finder" would allow me, for example, to execute a "select pk FROM" query with arbitrary (dynamic) WHERE and ORDER BY clauses, and use the resulting pk collection to get all the Beans I want in a single DB hit, rather than one by one...

      This does not apply just to the PK, BTW, although PKs are the most important. But I could want something like "findByWeekDays (Collection weekdays)".

      Let me know,