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    Different behaviour seen on Windows and Linux

    mandar Newbie

      We are seeing some different behaviour when a session bean method throws an appliction exception.

      JBoss: 3.2.1
      Windows 2000/XP
      Linux: RedHat 8.0

      EJB Transaction setting : NotSupported

      Code snippet

      catch (BizException e ){
      1) logErrorToLog file using log4j

      2) log record to database (sql server)

      throw e;

      On windows machine, steps 1 and 2 run very fast without any issues. On linux machine, it takes a lot of time (3 minutes 10 seconds) to go from step 1 to step 2.

      1) and 2) are both methods. I cannot see even the first line of the method (2) being reached. So, it is not a database issue. Also both the windows and linux machine go to the same sql server database.

      Any ideas why this could happen ?