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    Strange EJB deployment problem on 3.2.3

    Shashi Rai Newbie

      Hi All,

      I have an .EAR file which deploys successfully on 3.2.1 and application runs successfully. If I deploy the same EAR file on 3.2.4 or 3.2.5, I don't see any errors but none of the EJBs gets deployed. This means that all the JNDI look ups fail. When server is running and if I drop the jar file that includes EJB, then I see message at the console about EJBs getting deployed.

      This is very strange and I am not sure what is missing. If EJB package was bad then it would not deploy in any case.

      All the EJB's are local EJBs.

      Has anyone experienced this kind of problem. Any pointer is greatly appreciated.