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    ClassCastException while calling another EJB in the same JAR

    sheetal jain Newbie

      I have an EAR which has a WAr and an EJB JAR. EJB jar has 2 ejbs in it one is the business delegate and another is session facade actually. A web page looks up the business delegate and invokes a method. Delegate method in turn tries to look up another EJB ( session facade ) and cast it to the Remote interface. It gets a class cast exception while casting. I have the ejbClient jar at the EAR level and its nowhere being used twice. I even tried to print the implemented interfaces out of the object which ejbHome creates and I see the remote interface being implemented by the object, even though I get classcast. Here is the code in BusinessDelegate which invokes session facade :

      public boolean manageMerchant( org.apache.struts.action.ActionForm merchantForm, int actionType )throws Exception
      // TODO Auto-generated method stub
      HVAdminSessionFacadeHome home = ( HVAdminSessionFacadeHome ) ServiceLocator.getInstance().getHome("ejb/HVAdminSessionFacade", com.hv.interfaces.HVAdminSessionFacadeHome.class);
      Object objref = home.create();
      Class[] interfaces = objref.getClass().getInterfaces();
      for (int i = 0; i < interfaces.length; ++i) {

      //This prints out HVAdminSessionFacade
      System.out.println(interfaces.getName() );


      //ClassCast happens here

      HVAdminSessionFacade adminFacade = ( HVAdminSessionFacade) objref;
      adminFacade.manageMerchant( merchantForm, actionType);
      }catch ( Exception ex )