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    Discrepancy in transaction between jboss-3.2.6 and jboss4.0.

    siva ganesh Newbie


      Methods Transaction Attribute
      Method-1 ----> NotSupported
      Method-2 ----> RequiresNew
      Method-3 ----> RequiresNew
      Method-4 ----> RequiresNew

      In Method-1, method-2, method-3 and method-4 are called in sequence. When ever an application exception is thrown from method-3,
      i am getting
      java.lang.IllegalStateException: setRollbackOnly() not allowed without a transaction.

      exception in jboss4.0.5-GA version.

      But this is working correctly in jboss-3.2.6 . We are not getting java.lang.IllegalStateException and are able to catch the application exception.