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    EJB invocation does not return on a transaction timeout

    Paresh Vernekar Newbie

      HI All,
      I have a EJB application running on JBOSS-4.0.5 with Oracle as my datasource. I have set a transaction timeout of 2 mins on the JBOSS TransactionManagerService. As a result I do see the transaction being marked as inactive in the logs.However, the call does not return even after a transaction timeout.
      The scenario I have is a webservices client invoking my webservice. THis webservice invokes a EJB 2.0 Session bean which talks to the DB.Even though the transaction times out, the webservice call hangs and does not return.
      I see that after 30 mins (1800000 ms) the call times out and returns.
      It seems that even after a transaction times out, JBOSS keeps on holding the client invocation.

      Can someone let me know what other setting do I need to make, so that the call doesn't hang after the transaction has timed out?