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    ejbTimeout executing on Server Restart. EJB Not deployed yet

    Josh Smith Newbie

      I am using JBoss 4.2.3 and EJB 2.1

      Have a stateless session bean that is defining an EJBTimer (actually 5). The first deployment works fine. However, when the server restarts, it appears that the ejbTimeout method is getting called (or attempting to be) and it fails with a NoClassDefFoundError. This subsequently causes the EJB not to start successfully.

      My EAR contains 2 different EJB jars. In looking more closely at the logs, I think the issue is that the EJB that defines the timers is starting first, but it is dependent on the other EJB's that may not have been deployed yet. Hence the NoClassDefFound error as the class isnt' loaded.

      Is there a way to force the order in which EJB's or EJB Jar's are loaded by JBoss?