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    Webserver Timeout

    Ed Brown Newbie

      I need to extend the default timeout value of Catalina. How do I do that?

      Reading the doc, I don't see a timeout value attribute for the embedded Catalina mbean.

      All pointers would help.

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          Alain Coetmeur Newbie

          Which timeout ? the http connectors timeout ?

          with standard 244 jboss+tomcat401 it can only be done
          with a custom connector in an
          in the jboss.jcm for the catalinaSX mbean

          <!-- NB: case significant in XML element names -->

          the problem is that you also need change the
          default http port which is nevertheless created
          with defaults props...

          one way is through a

          and then you have to forbide access to this dummy port 8888...

          I've made a patch so that you
          can decale a default connector type "NONE"
          which creates no connector.
          it add much more functionalities so
          that you can doe quite all you can do
          with server.xml (wich is NOT AT ALL read in jboss+tomcat4)

          ask me (I can give you the catalina-engine.jar),
          or look in the patch repository for the diff.

          the all you have to do with this patch is

          <!-- NB: case significant in XML element names -->

          <!-- relative to catalina/. home -->

          <-- add Host item for virtual host -->

          <!-- think about an HTTPS connector if you need -->

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            Ed Brown Newbie

            Thanks. However, I found a way to do it by using an attribute in the war file.

            However, some how, it needs to be made clearer that updating the server.xml configuration file does no good. At least put a readme in the directory.

            Thanks, and trudging on.

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              Volker Brachmann Newbie


              could you give more details about how to do this, please?


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                Ed Brown Newbie


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                  Nicolás Dijkstra Newbie

                  Thank you very much!
                  Just what i was looking for