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    JBOSS/Jetty hits open files limit for JSPs

    Chris May Newbie

      I'm using JBOSS/3.0.3 + Jetty for a web application that has a JSP which is recursively included into itself to build up a hierarchical list - typically with about 20-50 elements.

      My problem is that, under load (Production environment is Solaris), JBOSS crashes because it runs out of open file handles. Looking at the output of 'lsof', I can see that there are many many ( i.e, hundreds of) open files for the recursively included JSP.
      It looks as if every "include" for every request being handled at one time, is keeping a file handle - so with 10 concurrent requests we're up to the 4096 open files limit.

      Question - why is Jetty trying to open these files at all? Surely once it's compiled the classes, it should not need to go back to the JSP files at all - if it does, then it only needs to do a "select" not an "open", to check the modification date.

      Can anyone help ?