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    URL mappings in JBoss/Jetty

    Srinivasu Newbie


      Is ther any place where I can find how JBoss/Jetty implemented the URL pattrens and corresponding servlet/JSP mapping.

      For eg:
      For the following mapping defined in web.xml,
      I would expect the web container to take me to 'myservlet' whenever the url pattern is http://localhost:8080/mywebapp/(whatever path)/myservlet.call

      Whereas it works in JBoss/Jetty only for one pattern:

      Essentially it is very difficult if I have my JSPs in a directory structure other than just all of then flat under the root.

      Also the url mapping did not work for me if it is jsp-file tag that is defined instaed of the servlet.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.