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    Do I need <ejb-ref>s?

    McGee Newbie

      I have an servlet that's using an EJB. It just does a JNDI lookup and all's well. They're not even in an EAR together. Just now, I read about <ejb-ref>s, and it occurs to me that I seem to be doing fine without them.

      Why don't I need them? Do they just provide an alternate name? Are they supposed to be necessary, but JBoss is helping me out and not making me?


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          boooj um Newbie

          I'm having problem deploying a war file containning a the interestServlet, which calls a deployeed ejb in a jar file. The ejb works fine through my interestclient. I can't seem to deploy the war file. Can you send me the example of your web.xml that allows you to accomplish your deployment???

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            Peter Doornbosch Apprentice

            You do not need ejb-refs. Just lookup the bean in your servlet and of you go.
            If it does not work, tell us what is going wrong. How do you expect people to help you if you don't specify what is happening at your site??