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    " code too large for try statement" : Urgent help needed

    neerajvyas Newbie

      I am facing a very typical problem explained as follow:
      We have recently ported our application from JBOSS2.4 and Tomcat 3.2 to Jboss3.2.1_tomcat4.1.24
      Problem is that one JSP file with file size of 8000 lines is not able to compile and throwing following exception which was compiling properly under JBOSS2.4.
      " code too large for try statement"
      I searched on the net and found that its java compiler restriction that no method can have more then 64K byte size.
      But I have other JSP files exceeding 8000 lines are compiling properly. Isn't it surprising ? Can anybody tell me the reason why only that file is throwing compilation error while other with same no of lines is compiling properly. I compared the generated java for both the file and found that no of lines are almost same in both Java files but one is compiling and other is not.
      Please help me on this as its very urgent. If there is any other way to fix it rather then refactoring the JSP file to reduce no of lines because we don't have that much time to do refactoring.
      I will appreciate any kind of help or suggestion.
      Thanks in advance.