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    With JBOSS 4.0, how to get my web app at root?

    Mark Ricard Newbie

      I am trying to get my web application to be the one that loads when JBOSS 4.0 is running and you type something like:


      But I only see the JBOSS welcome page even though I have my webapp deployed. I can see myweb when I do this: http://myweb.com/myweb/ but I want it to be at the root.

      I have tried numerous things like modifying the server.xml file in the default directory inside the HOSTS tag with:

      (replace [] with brackets)

      [Context path="" docBase="deploy/myweb"/]
      [Context path="/" docBase="deploy/myweb"/]
      [Context path="/" docBase="/myweb"/]
      [Context path="/" docBase="myweb"/]

      But it does not work. Does anyone know?