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    using LoginModule from jboss in weblogic

    john m flinchbaugh Newbie

      i'm developing a small application on jboss-2.4.4_tomcat_4.0.3, and have a lovely custom LoginModule implemented which authenticates my users against a table in a datasource. it works wonderfully.

      i need to implement it on weblogic 6.1 too. the application deploys fine, but when i enable the security on the web tier, i can't login, because my LoginModule isn't being used yet.

      i need help figuring out how to configure my LoginModule into weblogic. i managed to install it as the default loginmodule, but it seems only to have affected weblogic startup and not the app. weblogic's Authenticate.authenticate(...) absolutely puzzles me, and disgusts me at the same time. i want to avoid anything non-standard and non-portable. i prefer to be able to build everything against jboss, and not weblogic for development.

      i'm hoping to find a talented person here who also knows a thing or 2 about weblogic, and how to apply jboss knowledge to the weblogic environment in something this low-level.

      thank you.