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    roles and rolegroups in DatabaseServerLoginModule

    Scott Newbie

      I'm using the DatabaseServerLogin module (in login-config.xml) to authenticate users of the web application i'm deploying in jboss. I've done some preliminary testing with the UsersRolesLogin module and everything seems to be fairly straightforward. There is one thing I can't seem to wrap my head around, though. I can't figure out how the Roles and RoleGroups fit together. I know what a role is and how to use it but I don't know how it relates to a RoleGroup. The example in the JBoss 3.0X book is a bit confusing. Here's the example:

      the Roles table fields are (Principal_ID text, Role text, RoleGroup text)

      INSERT INTO Principals VALUES('java', 'echoman')
      INSERT INTO Roles VALUES('java', 'Echo', 'Roles')
      INSERT INTO Roles VALUES('java', 'caller_java', 'CallerPrincipal')

      What exactly is a rolegroup and how does it relate to roles? Is it a set of roles? Is a rolegroup arbitrary or does it have to be some defined value like the CallPrincipal rolegroup in the example. Also, the example shows a record that associates a user with a rolegroup called 'Roles'. Is this arbitrary or defined somewhere? If it's arbitrary it's a really confusing choice for an example. Does anyone have a good webpage I can check out for a more thorough explaination?