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    single sign on with non jboss portal

    david kuehner Newbie


      I have an application that uses jboss/tomcat app/web server. I want to be able to deploy this inside other portal applications. Now it gets complicated because I don't have control over the other portals. I have several clients and they have implemented different login / security mechanisms. In one case they use LDAP and a portal solution from another company (I don't know the name yet as it is early days in the sales cycle). Another client has a home-gown portal with thier own SSO implementation.

      My main question is: Is there an SSO standard that is accessed in a generic way, or do I have to build specific code based on the SSO implemented at each client site?

      My secondary question is: Are there resources available showing how SSO is actually implemented somewhere? I've seen a lot of information but they are all high level conceptual examples - I'm looking for real world examples for jboss-3.0.4_tomcat-4.1.12 with Java / struts