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    Changing context root

    Sirisha Yellamraju Newbie

      Hi All,

      I'm using Jboss Portal 2.4 bundled version.
      I downloaded the sample for defining a new portal instance.

      By navigating to the URL http://localhost:8080/portal/portal/HelloPortal, I was able to view the default page.

      How can I access the default page by typing the URL as http://localhost:8080/HelloPortal ?

      I want to remove /portal/portal from the URL.
      How can I achieve it?

      I tried changing the jboss-web.xml (ie., I changed
      from the location
      Restarted the server and accessed the http://localhost:8080/HelloPortal I was able to see the default page of the default portal.
      when I accessed http://localhost:8080/HelloPortal/foobar I'm still viewing the default page instead of foobar page.

      Please help me.

      Thanks in advance.