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    JBOSS SSO with ASP Application

    Marcelo Alves Newbie


      I need to create a SSO environment POC with some applications deployed on JBoss and one ASP application. I already created SSO between two Jboss/Tomcat apps and this worked fine. I would like a better understanding on how Jboss SSO Federation Server and ASP/IIS server should be integrated to achieve a cross domain and cross plataform SSO environment.

      Does anybody could explain me how these pieces will work together?

      Sorry for the bad english, thanks a lot.


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          Arthur Troyer Newbie

          We are interested in the same question. We are in the process of implementing JBoss SSO and we have one application we need to partner with that is running on an IIS server using .asp. Is there a way to get an ASP application running on IIS to create a SSO session.

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            Sohil Shah Master

            Yes this is possible, but ASP/IIS integration is not provided by JBoss SSO.

            The integration provided is for web applications that run on JBoss/Tomcat.

            The SSO valves are loaded into tomcat and integrate with the web applications to turn on the SSO client side stack. This functionality would need to be ported for web applications loaded in the ASP/IIS environment

            As far as the Federation Server goes, nothing would need changing.

            If you look at the codebase, at the very least you would need to port PlainSSOTokenManager and PlainSSOAutoLogin to ASP/IIS.

            I have personally never used ASP/IIS to point you in any starting direction for the port

            However, if you guys manage to port it, it would be much appreciated if the port can be submitted to the community so that it can be one more integration that JBoss SSO can provide out-of-the-box