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    Issue with spnego and internet explorer in AD infratructure

    benjamin coiffe Newbie


      I have deployed jboss-negotiation with too many troubles in my application. The server is installed on a XP machine and the Active Directory server is a Windows 2003. It works well with FireFox only if I set the option network.auth.use-sspi to false. In other words, it seems like only the negotiation with the gsspapi is working. And that is a problem on IE! The consequence is that IE fails the Basic Negotiation in the negotiation-toolkit. I am pretty sure I did everything correctly according to the manual.
      What is the best way to troubleshoot this issue? What could be the reasons my IE does not trust the server?
      Any help appreciated,


      ps: nothing really shows on wireshark. a few krb5 packets but not relevant to the service.
      ps2: i installed mit kerberos on the xp box as a ui to visualize the tickets. could it disable the sspi?