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    Cannot receive JMS message over VPN

    Mark Newbie

      I've made a program that uses asynchronous JMS to send a message to another computer. Testing it on our local network it works fine but when trying it from an external computer that dialed-in using VPN it doesn't receive the message.

      I've traced it down to the following: when my client subscribes itself to a topic, it seems to send its IP address with it to JBoss, saying "wake me up at this address when there's a message for me". However, the address it sends is the wrong IP-address. It sends the first address that turns up when I do 'ipconfig', which is its local IP address, not its VPN IP-address.

      So the question is: how do I make this work?

      I've seen similar questions (using NAT instead of VPN) but no conclusive answer. So please don't send responses like: "Oh, an answer has been posted before, so I can't be bothered to tell you" as I haven't found it here.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.