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    a4j:status and Loading message

    vedgunjan singh Newbie

      Hi All Experts,
      We are using Jsf1.1 and a4j in our application.We are having a requirement wherein , when there is an ajax call being made , we need to show status message ...sumthing like "Loading Please wait" with an image.
      Basically, on start of ajax call, we need to have a modal window with the loading imgae in center of the page and it should go away as soon as ajax call ends.

      Can any one guide me as to how i can have a modal window with "In Progress" message for a4j - ajax calls.

      I tried fololowing the below example:

      but it does not seems to work or rather am doing wrong somthing somewhere.
      In my case when the jsp is loaded, the form fields on the page gets locked and I'm not able to click on any form feilds.
      find below snap shot of the jsp code:


      <a4j:status forceId="true" id="ajaxStatus">
      <f:facet name="start">


      Can any one suggest me where am going wrong or if any one has different approach for this problem.
      I'm sure this a very common problem and you guys must have got some solution to it.

      If needed , i can post the files.
      Thanks and Regards.