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    Strange Delays /Lockups with simple Queue setup

    Stefan Arentz Newbie


      I have a strange problem with my application. The architecture is very simple; I have two queues, one command queue and one messages queue. Both queues have a MDB that processes items. When an item from the command queue is processed, I insert about 2500 messages in the message queue, which are then processed by another MDB.

      This all works great. Until I queue a command while the server is still generating the 2500 messages for the previous command. In that situation my *client* code (which is remote code, not in the same jboss vm) locks up and seems to wait until the 2500 messages are queued.

      Very strange, and I have no idea where to look to solve it.

      The reason that I have this setup is to allow clients to asynch. queue commands and not have to wait for the commands to execute. That is a pretty normal application for messages queues right? :)