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    csil: xml-based IL for jbossmq

    John Fawcett Newbie


      I've written a new IL for jbossmq that encodes all messages in xml. Right now, the IL is structured like UIL, using a single multiplexed server socket.

      In addition to the java xil package, I have started a C# jms client package. Since the xil sends all messages using primary data types as specified by the DataInput/OutputStream classes in jdk1.4.1 (bytes, ints, longs, and UTF8 chars), a client library could be implemented in any language. Our current project is a C# application, so we have started there. The C# lib could be used from VB, J#, or Managed C/C++.

      However, anyone interested could implement a client in any language.

      Right now, the xil can send text and bytes messages.

      Please check out the csil project on sourceforge: