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    Urgent: jboss 3.2.1 problem

    Mike Hemling Newbie

      Hello, I have a problem with jboss 3.2.1 on linux Redhat 9. I have 2 nodes A and B. A is the main node containing the Jboss server. I have software on both A and B which connect to a queue on node A.
      That parts works fine. The problem I'm seeing is that when I reboot node B I can still see ESTABLISHED connections open from A to B. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?? Jboss seems to be caching this and I believe it is causing me problems. Sometimes when B comes back up it cannot connect to A and it throws JNDI errors say it cannot find the Queue. I get a NameNotFound in tables error. Please help.

      Has anyone seen any of this behavior?

      I have also tried 3.2.2 and I have a problem where the software on A and B will both connect to the queue but B will never receive any messages.