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    Multiple servers accessing central Oracle JMS store

    Alwyn Schoeman Newbie


      In our application we have a servlet pushing objects onto a JMS queue for asynchronous processing. Using file-persistence.

      It seems that under load the servlet keeps the dual cpu blade so busy that processing in the ejb container suffers a lot.

      So I have this plan to have a tier of tomcat or jboss servers which would only
      contain the servlet, pushing objects to a central Oracle database. A seperate tier of servers will process the messages using MDB's and SLSB's.

      Ideally in this case failure of any of the servers should cause no loss or unnecessary aging of messages.

      Is there a way to get this scenario working without running into duplicate message id's or any other major problems?

      P.S. Adrian, you're doing an amazing job on this forum. Thanks.