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    Distributed queue

    moonrainbow Newbie

      I've studied docs, wiki and this forum but I could not find the definitive answer to my question, so I decided to ask it straight:
      I want to implement a system with a lot of messages going into it. A lot means 10**7-10**8 per day. These are very short (up to 2-3K) messages. Obviously, we want to have a persistant queue. Obviously, any single server doing the actual "store" operation into a DB is going to be overwhelmed. We can not split the flow into a meaningful number of separate queues. I.e. we can have 10 different queues, but not a hundred of them and we don't want to run an instance of JBoss per queue bcs of maintenance and deployment problems associated with such solution. I want to have 10 servers, each of them being able to receive "sends" from all the producers, store messages into a single db and dispatch messages on round-robin or any other load-balanced basis to the consumers.
      Is this possible with Jboss? Which version? How?

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          Elias Ross Master

          I think you're going to be bound by performance of your database, not JBoss. Assuming you can process each message quickly, JBoss 3.2.7 (or whatever's latest) out of the box can do ten million messages a day easily.

          I think it would be more reassuring for you to test yourself than ask a bunch of strangers, however.