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    JMS MessageListener using different instace of object

    mjgreene550 Newbie


      I'm having a very strange problem here. I have an instance of an object that is initially and only constructed from a Servlet. However, this object has a MessageListener to recieve messages from a queue.

      The problem is this: When I debug this class, I notice that the memory ID's in the debugger are different when the object is interacted by the Servlet or the MessageListener.

      For example:
      Scenario 1) Servlet invokes method a() on class TmpObj.
      -In the debugger I notice that the TmpObj instance has an memory ID of 207.
      Scenario 2)TmpObj MessageListener recieves a message to invoke method a().
      -In the debugger I can see that the TmpObj instance has a different memory ID of 301.

      I know this may sounds very confusing but I have double checked to make sure that the servlet is the ONLY object constructing my TmpObj class. Has anyone else had this problem?