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    what to set in a QueueSender so that while receiving i retre

    rohit sharma Newbie

      Hello friends,
      My application Requirement.
      I have to send messages using QueueSender and all of those messages must be uniqely indentifiable on the queue since while responding to those messages i have to see to what message am i replying .
      so i am haiving two problems

      1) what to use and how to set a messages with some unique identifier before sending it using QueueSender on the queue.

      2) while retreiving , i have to check the message for identifying it and then appropriately replying. so that means i will have to specify some message selector while creating my QueueReceiver using QueueSession. and then retreive only that message from queue which is equal to the value that i had set while sending the message

      However i am not able to write the code for it though i went through the API's.

      please do help if any one of you have done it earlier.