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    JBossMX Readme/Guide

    Sheng Zou Newbie


      I've purchased the JMX book, but it is on the way. As I am eager to start to experience with JBossMX (as a standalone), I would appreciate for a starter's doc if there were one.

      I am also intrested to know the features mentioned in the forum, including XMBean (is it an Model MBean implementation?) and *Interceptor* (is it in the book?)

      Does anyone know if the MBean dependency part of JBossMX implementation? How do I acquire that feature via just code? For example, when I define the definition of an MBean, can I code it there?


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          Adrian Brock Master

          I'll leave Juha to speak about his book :-)

          XMBean is a ModelMBean implementation

          The MBean dependencies are implemented by some
          MBeans that are in the jboss-system cvs module

          They are not included with jbossmx standalone.

          You can use them programatically, many parts of JBoss
          does just this, e.g. JMS Queues, EJB deployment.

          I think there are plans to move the behaviour to
          life-cycle interceptors on the MBeans?

          There are examples of just about everything in the
          JBossMX testsuite.


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            Using the stable releases today means programming against the standard JMX API.

            Not much documentation on the features outside the spec. Writing is such a waste of time.