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    JBoss VM

    Stefan Ernst Newbie


      Is it possible for JBoss to manage MBeans which are running in a different JVM, local or remote? Or is it only possible to work on MBeans which are instantiated within the JBoss VM?
      I have been hoping that I could register MBeans from different applications and VMs at one JBoss MBeanServer via the RMIAdaptor, but I understood that it only offers the createMBean() interface but not the registerMBean()!?

      Thanks in advance

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          Steve Wink Newbie

          Well, I've tried this and have something that works. I don't know if its the official/best way but here it is:

          On each application to be monitored the MBeans are created and registered locally. On a central monitoring program (which may or may not be on JBoss) I would have to have an RMIAdaptor for each JBoss instance, which would be able to do anything to any MBean on that instance. By iterating through the RMIAdaptors I can monitor and control any of the MBeans on any of my JBoss instances.

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            Steve Wink Newbie

            Er, lost the second half of my post there:

            you will need JBoss in some form with your applications - JBoss classes provide the connectivity between your applications and monitoring program. This is the case with JDMK ( Suns JMX product ) as well, and probably every distributed management product. As JBoss is very modular you could cut it right down to the JMX kernal and JNDI to provide the management functionality, or maybe just include the right classes and put the right .jar files in the classpath.

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              Teh cascading agent from the jmx remote package might also ease the work involved in getting a single view into several agents running in different processes