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    Cache TODO: XMBean using reflection

    Sanne de Novice


      One of the todo's on the cache implementation was to figure out how different implementations of a cache interface could be tied to JMX without having to bother with Standard/Dynamic interfaces.

      In all my simplicity I thought I'd read the JMX book and come up with at least a suggestion.

      Apart from using xdoclet to generate the standard interface files, or for that matter the xmbean xml files, I thought that using reflection could be a candidate, as Juha/Marc suggested in the book.

      In the jboss jmx source files there is a XMBean.java using an xml file or using an Standard MBean interface lookup to determine the MBean interface, but there seems to be no support for building the interface using introspection.

      What is the reason for this?

      Building the interface using xdoclet to generate the xml file seems definitely an acceptable option to me, but not using xdoclet would be nicer.