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    ear scoping ... scope

    christophe Newbie

      I m experimenting an issue in JB3.0.6. I both deploy an ear and sar. The ear is scoped.
      The sar and the ear uses the same kind of libraries but the sharing is not wanted here, that's why the ear is scoped.
      When the ear is accessed (in the case, the first filter of the webapp embedded into the ear), we got an java.lang.IllegalAccessError. The error occurs classically calling method between classes that have been loaded from 2 different loaders from the same level.

      The traces show clearly that one of the class loaded by the filter comes from ... the UnifiedClassLoader of the sar ..

      So, i'm a bit lost because i expected the ear scoping will first use its own LoaderRepository, and in that case, it shouldn't use the sar's version of the class but instiantate its own version.

      What's wrong here ?

      Please, any help welcome...