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    Problem deployment .. ClassCastException

    samfra Newbie

      Hello I am trying to deploy this :

      Teams.sar (that would like to call Players and use Player class)

      What do I have to do so that I can redeploy Players without redeploying other classes ?
      1. A PlayerInterface that I add to Teams.sar too ?
      2. Nothing.. just redeploy Players.sar

      I am trying the second... and it always fails ;o(
      because JBoss tries too load Teams first .. and it fails because Team use the Player class that is not yet known... ;o(

      If I start with Players and then deploy Teams.sar.. all is fine !

      There is no change adding the attribute too jboss-service of Teams so that it starts after the first.. there is still the classcastexception....

      any idea ??
      Jboss 3.2.4 ... JDK 1.4.2