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    jboss admin

    Avihai Marchiano Novice


      need some advices about jboss administration:
      1. is there any good console (better from the one shupped with jboss), open source or with charge?

      2. how you deliver the changes that you were done in jboss decriptors to your customers (jboss-service.xml ... ) are you install the original jboss and than override it with your files or you change the jboss configuration through mbeans API or any other way?

      3. is there any good tool to control on jboss settings?

      Thank you

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          Peter Johnson Master

          1) Have a look at embedded Jopr. This is the new open-source admin console based on JBoss ON.

          2) Are you asking about upgrading to new level/version of JBossAS? If so, then only way I know is a clean install of the new version, then moving over the apps and configuration settings, making changes and fixing issues as appropriate. There is no documented or formal migration strategy.

          3) Some people use subversion or other similar tools to maintain configuration versions.