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    JBoss 2.4.3 JDBC Config Problem

    Klaus Thiele Newbie

      i'm very new to JBoss, but have ported out Application successfully from Orion to WebLogic-6.0 and Borland-4.5.1. And now hopefully to JBoss/Tomcat.

      I think my jboss.xml is ok, i see in the logs that my beans try to access the right Resourcename:

      <resource-manager res-class="org.jboss.ejb.deployment.JDBCResource">




      But i have some Problems to configure the Database (Ora9i, DB2).
      I read the OnlineDocs and tried to put a File, as described in "Examples for specific databases" to the deploy-directory but it seems completly ignored!

      did i miss something?
      is the online-doc only for jboss-3.0?

      pleas point me n the right direction.