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    Classpath too long & ClassPathExtension problems

    Imants Firsts Newbie

      I am running jBoss from start.cmd file which sets JBOSS_CLASSPATH variable and then launches run.bat with the necessary configuration.
      The problem with this setup is that I have too many jar files in the classpath and command interpreter gives me "line too long" error.

      If I launch the same configuration from JBuilder with the same classpath it works ok. So this seems some kind of limitation in the command interpreter.

      I created small C++ program which launches my Java process with the system() function and it worked. However this means that I have to hardcode my classpath in the .exe or I have to write a special dynamic classpath string builder program in C++, which I do not want to do.

      So my question is: Are there any other ways around this problem?

      I tried using jBoss ClassPathExtension.
      This lead me to the problem that for some strange reason jBoss can not find classes if they are not stored in jar file, but in a simple directory.
      If I add this directory to JBOSS_CLASSPATH then those classes are found. However then those classes, which are referenced from my classes, but are loaded with ClassPathExtension, can not be found.

      So in the end I have some kind of the vicious circle. Or maybe I am missing something here.