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    Initial Context problem

    Brian Hogue Newbie

      We have a swing app deployed remotely that uses a VPN to get back to the app server. It must go through a firewall (which we have allowed for) and a NAT. The problem arises when we try to do a lookup from the InitialContext. The url the context is built with is NAT'ed (ie 192.168.NotARealAddress). For some reason the lookup fails with a NoRouteToHost exception. In the trace it indicates it's trying to use the app servers physcial ip for the lookup (which it cant get to..that's what the NAT is for). I cant figure out why it's trying to use the servers real address or even where it would get it. I am absolutely positive the Context has the NAT'ed ip; to prove it I added some debugs to the javax.naming.InitialContect class to dump out the enviroment hashtable for the context right before it does the lookup. I'm really lost here....