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    How to add scrol bar in rich faces modelpanel

    ashish gupta Newbie

      I am using rich faces model panel and my model panel has more content then it maximum page size so I want it with scrollable bar though i can see complete content of model panel by scrooling it.

      Please help on it.

      Thanks & Regards,

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          Alexander Zauner Newbie

          propably the simpliest way is the most efficient;
          surround the part of your modal-panel-content you want to scroll with a div-tag (preferably with a Tomahawk <t:div> Tag) and then give the div-tag some ease style-settings e.g.:

          .scrollablePanel {
           background-color: #bdbcb1;

          the div tag only has to point at the stylesheet:
          <t:div styleClass="scrollablePanel" >
          ... your content

          or just
          <div class="scrollabelPanel">

          Bye Alex