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    Apache+(Tomcat/JBoss) accross servers

    Tony Caruso Newbie

      Ok, I will admit, I know little about J2EE architecture, I am just the guy responsible for setting up the servers.

      Here is what I want
      Box 1 Box2
      Apache <--------> JBoss/Tomcat

      I started by using Warp connectors and I can get the following.

      Laptop <--> Apache (works)

      Laptop <--> Apache <---> Tomcat Standalone, no JBoss (works)

      Laptop <---> Tomcat <--> JBoss (works)

      Laptop <---> Apache <---> Tomcat/JBoss (no workie)

      It seems the Tomcat gets a message, but JBoss doesn't respond to (Apache || Tomcat).

      I can post the configs if it would help.

      Anyone know how I can get this to work?



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          Carlos Santos Newbie

          I've gotten my config to work using mod_webapp.

          See my post and the attached text file. I am on a Solaris 8 machine though...so your milage may^H^H..er...will..vary. :)



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            Tony Caruso Newbie


            I checked through what you have, but it still doesn't work. I am trying to do this across 2 boxes. My Apache box only has the OS and Apache and mod_webapp. Nothing else. The JBoss is more or less out-of-the-box + modifications you recommended (jar ROOT.war, etc).

            Here is an odd behavior I've observed: Connecting to the JBoss/Tomcat box on 8008 returns HTTP. That is, it doen't appear to be running the Warp protocol. I have looked through the source of EmbeddedCatalinaServiceSX.java and noticed that HTTP and Debug=0 are the defaults, which is exactly what I see when Catalina starts up. That is the Config line in jboss.jcml <Connector classname="org....
            doesn't seem to set any attributes for the EmbeddedCatalinaServiceSX class. It seems only the defaults are used.

            Here may be more clues:
            Upon JBOSS startup, the server.log indicates there is an error of sorts
            [ConfigurationService] "Detected JMX Bug Server reports attribute 'Deployers ' is not wrtiable for MBean 'EJB:service="AutoDeployer'

            I get the same for ResourceAdapterName and JMSProviderLoader.

            JBoss 2.4.4+Tomcat

            Any ideas?