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    log window does not work


      I am using RF3.1.4

      Opera 9.24: it works
      IE 6.0: opens the window, but does not display any messages

      when I want to open the logwindow I get an error, that Window.onunload cannot be set:

      uncaught exception: Die Erlaubnis für das Setzen der Eigenschaft Window.onunload wurde verweigert

      any ideas?

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          Roberto Urban Newbie


          just yesterday I put this code in my page to use a4j log window:

          <a4j:log popup="true" level="ALL" style="width: 800px; height: 300px;" hotkey="z"></a4j:log>

          In this case you call the log window pressing CTRL+SHIFT+Z (standard keys combination is CTRL+SHIFT+L, but in my case it opens Firebug plugin) and it's opened in a pop up window. I used it with FF and works perfectly

          hope this help

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            same in FF
            however - I just found out that this only happens after I have opened a page that includes a google map.
            After I opened up this page once, the log window will not work any longer (no matter what page)

            but the problme is, that I really need the log window on the page where the google map is - any ideas?