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    Two Jboss+Tomcat server on same subnet !

    Siggi Newbie

      hi there

      I am setting up lab for testing .. i use the jboss+tomcat bundle

      I have set up two servers on RH 7.2 and when i have the both servers up at the same time.. I always get this on the other, this appers in the logs, and happens.. with in 1 min interval .. !?!??! whats on with that ?!?! Is it not OK to have two servers on the same subnet ??!

      This is the output in the log !!

      2002-08-20 00:03:39,540 INFO [org.jboss.ha.framework.server.HAPartitionImpl.DefaultPartition] Suspected member: leifs:32774

      leifs is the name of the other server !

      hope someone have an answer for me