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    Minor bug/problem with Jboss 303/Tomcat bundles

    Dave Crane Newbie


      Just a quick poiinter to an installation bug or annoyance I found with latest the tomcat-jboss bundles (3.0.3, with tomcat 4.0.5 and 4.1.12), and a workaround. I'm running RedHat Linux 6.2, Sun JDK1.4.0 fwiw.

      The tomcat4 deployment descriptor file (server/default/deploy/tomcat4-service.xml) declares a catalina home path as ../catalina, and proceeds to load a whole bunch of archives onto the classpath from it. The relative path is interpreted correctly so long as one runs the run.sh script from within the bin directory, but doing a ./bin/run.sh from ${jboss_home}, as I did, fails to load the classpath, gives a perplexing ClassNotFoundException for org.apache.catalina.Context, and then craps out without deploying any of the web-dependent services.

      Like I say, always running from within the bin directory fixes this, good if you're using a file manager to double-click, I guess. However, it had me giving up on the jboss-tomcat bundle altogether, porting a tomcat-dependent webapp to run under jetty for a couple of days, then coming back here two days later to spot the obvious solution. Enough to put some newbies off, I would guess.

      I don't know the details of the loading mechanism well enough to go about robustifying the code, but I'm willing to fiddle with the shell script to get it to issue a polite warning if run.sh is not run from the bin directory, which would have saved me a couple of days faffing about.

      Mail me off-forum if you'd like this help (as I probably won't be keeping a close eye on this forum now I'm up and running). If this is a problem under Windows I have a Win2K box that I can hack the bat file for too.

      Nice product. Good work, guys and gals.