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    Multi-homed Webservice Namingservice

    Brian Leonard Newbie

      WebService NamingService jboss 3.0.0 Solaris 5.8

      Greetings -
      After much research and thought experimentation I find myself in need some feedback.

      The details of the deployment are complex - the question is simple. Please forgive any blatant ignorance/incompetence. Once this is resolved I will document and publish the results (if necessary).

      On a multi-homed host how can the WebService (what a confusing name) and NamingService serve requests from both NIC's?
      How can the webservice serve different codebase URL's?

      This question might immediately indicate a solution related to configuration of the server – etc/host file. Or perhaps by not specifying a bindaddress the port will serve all nics?

      If not – Possible Solutions:
      Can multiple WebService’s be run binding to different NIC’s and serving different URL’s? Same for NamingService?

      Details (for those interested):
      Server has multiple NICS
      One is internet facing across a firewall
      The other is internal across a firewall
      (Actually there are 2 others – monitoring/management and Database connectivity.)

      Thanks in advance,