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    Out of file handles

    Martin Vilcans Newbie

      We have a large JSP/EJB application running on JBoss and have this problem with the process opening a lot of files without closing them. After a few days with 50 to 80 web users, the server fails because it runs out of operating system handles. Here's an extract from a file handle dump:

      abc: File E:\jboss-3.0.1\server\tm\tmp\deploy\server\tm\deploy\jmx-ejb-adaptor.jar\70.jmx-ejb-adaptor.jar
      ad4: File C:\WINNT\Temp\ddtb9031.tmp
      ae0: File C:\WINNT\Temp\ddtb9466.tmp
      ae4: File C:\WINNT\Temp\ddtb9668.tmp
      aec: File C:\WINNT\Temp\ddtb9107.tmp
      af0: File C:\WINNT\Temp\ddtb7146.tmp
      af4: File C:\WINNT\Temp\ddtb9288.tmp
      af8: File C:\WINNT\Temp\ddtb9473.tmp
      b08: File C:\WINNT\Temp\ddtb9261.tmp
      b10: File C:\WINNT\Temp\ddtb8812.tmp
      b14: File C:\WINNT\Temp\ddtb9554.tmp
      b1c: File C:\WINNT\Temp\ddtb9465.tmp
      b30: File C:\WINNT\Temp\ddtb8997.tmp
      b34: File C:\WINNT\Temp\ddtb9049.tmp
      b4c: File E:\jboss-3.0.1\server\tm\tmp\deploy\server\tm\deploy\tm.ear\71.tm.ear
      b50: File C:\WINNT\Temp\ddtb9343.tmp
      b5c: File E:\jboss-3.0.1\server\tm\tmp\deploy\server\tm\deploy\tm.ear\71.tm.ear-contents\tm.jar

      This was generated by Handle from www.sysinternals.com by the way. Boy was I happy when I found this utility. :-)

      The process opens a lot of these C:\WINNT\Temp\ddtb????.tmp files and never seems to close them. The files are empty. Has anyone got a clue about what they are?

      Our configuration: JBoss 3.0.1 under Windows 2000. SQL Server using Microsoft's JDBC driver.