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    Another Tutorial I found

    Tom Newbie

      I found this tutorial but it covers Tomcat to JBoss to PostgreSQL on Redhat. It may be nothing but someone may find it useful.



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          Ivan Stoyanov Newbie

          It is interest to find tutorial for
          jboss 3.x and postgreSQL and XA.
          I think it do not exist at the moment.
          For 2.4.x I have very good working configuration
          for long time.
          The new 3.x version have changes about transactions and at the moment I can not configure it to work with db transactions.

          Also on this reason we will make tests for mogration of one project to BEA. It look that by BEA all is working well for me.

          If anyone have working jb 3.x + pg + db transactions,
          pls. send it to this forum.
          As I see many people was searching for it.