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    Standalone Tomcat + JBoss 3.2 & CMP 2.0 + MySQL with auto-in

    tommy.grandefors Newbie


      I've been playing around with JBoss 3.2.0 to achieve the following:

      1. Manage to get a standalone Tomcat instance to communicate (reference a session bean via its remote interfaces) with JBoss.
      2. Making the session bean to reference a CMP 2.0 entity bean using the entity bean's local interfaces since they are both running within the same JVM.
      3. The CMP 2.0 entity bean shall handle auto-incremented columns in a MySQL database.

      I finally made it work, and I have assembled the result into a (hopefully) intuitive Step-by-step tutorial that might be handy for other JBoss newbies as myself. The package also includes source code and pre-compiled JAR, WAR files.

      You can check it out at: http://tommy.grandefors.com/techtips/


      Tommy Grändefors