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    trying to compare JBOSS 3.2.1 perf with older versions..

    Gautam Thaker Newbie

      I have done some testing of jboss perf. in the past with 2.4.x version (URL is below). Thus I am not a complete novice (but I guess I am close to it.) With 2.4.x version the examples came with the distribution and it was relatively easy to run them. But try as I might I can't run my old programs. I decided to restart by trying to run "hello" example with 3.2.1, but I can't find "hello" test pgm.

      DO i have to download the whole 27.3 Mb JBOSS sources to be able to get started? I am very embarrased that I can't figure out how to get started though did lots of things with 2.4.x series in the past. (see URL below.)

      Is there a URL or a book that tells one how to actully run the hello example? The JBOSS 3.0 "Quick Start Guide" is 180 pages. i tried to follow it but was not sucessful. Before I dive in again is this the best thing for someone who wants to build and run "hello" pgm to make it say "hello <my name>"?