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    RMI failure on Windows 2000

    Corey Newbie

      I've got a Windows 2000 server running JBoss 3.2.3 which up until last week was running fine. It now fails to respond to any remote RMI on either port 1099 or 1198. Telnetting to the port results in no data ever returned. JBoss is running as a service via JavaService.

      The weirdest part is that the service starts up just fine, emits no errors or unexpected messages but fails to reply. Shutting down the service doesn't clear the ports. They remain open even after all java processes are dead. If I try to fire up JBoss again, it fails because the ports are in use and remain so until the machine is rebooted.

      I can't recreate the error on another box even using the same JBoss installation. The two boxes have different software sets installed, though so it could be something there. Any known trouble makers? Where should I look next?